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Welcome to the Barista Training Centre website Our aim is to promote 'quality' Barista Training programs worldwide, and to make - the home of Barista Training.

Through, our Barista Training Centre Network will focus on those organisations, companies and individuals offering barista training that meet our criteria.

If you are involved in the coffee industry and offer quality Barista Training courses, and are interested in joining the Barista Training Centre Network then please contact us for further details.

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Barista Training Resources

Barista Techniques ® Second Edition

Barista Techniques 2nd Ed. by John DoyleBarista Techniques: the Essential Guide to Preparing and Serving Espresso Coffee Commercially was written by John Doyle as a training resource to compliment any commercial espresso or barista training course.

It is one of the most informative, easy-to-read training manuals written on espresso coffee training. Barista Techniques
®is directed at several groups of people: those already in the hospitality industry - teachers, students, employers and employees; trainee baristas and high school students studying hospitality; and all those interested in espresso coffee.

It will raise your expectations and give you a finer appreciation of the skill of a professional barista!



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